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I offer services including spiritual detoxes, blessings to heal a broken heart, guidance to find your true love through spiritual, ancient rituals, and much more.

What is a Muse? A Muse is a person that inspires you to move through your current blockages and to break into new ground. As we experience life, many times we find ourselves stuck in ruts and need a solid nudge to get us out of a rut. I work as that nudge to get you out of life's ruts.

My "Muse for Hire" services are for, but not limitied to, entertainers, actors, musicians, etc. 

What can I expect during a  session?

I will connect with you on an energetic level as you explain to me why/how you are feeling stuck, how long you have been feeling stuck, and how this rut is manifesting itself, first, in your mind and, secondly, in reality. During our session, I will do some energy shifting and verbal perspective shifting for you. I will also develop some simple exercises, unique for your situation,

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Feeling skeptical? Text me for A FREE QUESTION at 615-944-9707.

Thank you,

Jennifer Green


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