Greetings! My ancestors have  healed the mind, body and soul for centuries, Coming to USA, In late 1800’s. Every lesson I learned was from ancestor passed down.    Sessions are empathetic because its a gifts to read peoples energy, as well as, using various spiritual tools, such as Tarot cards. As well as the ancient art of Palm Reading,  

Several celebrities, some you all know very well. ALL sessions Follow the privacy act, Everything is confidential. Providing insight to clients who may ask the simplest questions to the most complex. My ancestors has practiced living in moment of NOW!  As well as living using laws of attraction. Using this philosophy, you can gain whatever your heart desires such as health, wealth, love, peace, harmony, and happiness.  You will learn what you can’t find in a book or on Google. The missing piece to a priceless recipe. 

Im looking forward to meeting you, 


Wishing You peace  Love And Light


                            **All readings are private and confidential**

                       No audio Or video Allowed unless approval from counselor 

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