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  Universal therapy .

     Jennifer Green 

Jennifer Green creator, founder, Owner,  The original owner of the  Golden Table. Table set for  eight including the matching original chairs.

**** Im in love with someone,  Do they feel they same?  I can’t think of any new ideas for my music . Should I move ?  What are these odd dreams trying to tell me?  Whats my purpose in life.

 Today is your lucky day ! Your about to get answers to all these and more.


         I am   Jennifer Green,

Nashvilles Astrologer & Inspirational Muse

Life coach,  offering tools of  Reeki ,spiritual empath ,Tarot Cards, As well master of the art of Palm readings. to name a few,

 Being  a Astrologer ,Empath , coaching people to gain peace of mind, and to simply enjoy life. Is my passion . It runs through my DNA. :)  over 2 centuries that I know of . My Ancestors has devoted there lives to healing the Mind,Body and spirit.

Some of the most important people have an Astrologer by there side.

Such as  :  Donald Trump,  Albert . E,  King Henry viii ,  even on the dark side Hitler Himself...to name a few. All Seek leverage . 


Wether it being for your Entrainment , curiosity, Or needing to make a breakthrough in life.  Just by speaking  to me,,  You will  feel this comforting positive energy, And i promise if the Universe has put this for you, Then you may already feel that positive continent feeling with me already. Felling like this don’t wait long to visit,You want the most out of the session.No better time then now.

  Having a  session will be one of the most enlightening experience ever,  I says its  like a mental massage.  Reconnecting  yourself , Revealing  the answers that has been keeping you up night,  Can you imagine how incredible it can feel to Go to sleep with peace of mind. We all can use some of that.

Sessions ~PRICES~

* $39.95   30 min Astrology Muse Session “usually Reading of the palms. allow 20 min.

* $74.95   Tarot Cards with astrology .  allow 30-45 min.

*$129.99    2017  session. Year of one .    Palm, Tarot, Astrology ,Energy  and Aura, 12 months detailed path in all area. Good to go with if having a problem ,And seeking the needs to correct ,end, restore ,resolve the issue. Session done at Golden Table if local.

*$300  a 1 hour session, more time if needed,. As well as follow up session. If needed.  Heal the body mind and soul. To reach a level of inner peace,  Find your passion, your destiny ,And most important the easiest way to get there.  Session is done at Golden Table.

*$295.   Couple therapy ,2 part session  restore passion . rekindle desire, to enjoy simple things, Such as the passion you felt when met your partner. Could you remember the feeling of pure passion, waiting to see them hoping they feel the same. Desire Breakthroughs have a 87 % , success rate, 

I will rate 99.99%  if done in 3 sets. .   ~ up to a hour in a half, including supplies if needed.

Such as candles and herbs.

6 weeks- Universal compass- $2795.00

Your own personal Universal Therapy .Life `coach for 6 weeks, A life changing experience on emotional, mental,  psychical level =. As well as a Body mind and spirit journey , i promise if you have not made 3 major breakthrough to better your life, I will Give you 6 more weeks, Because i am that confident  i can help you ,  I manifest people making more breakthroughs then ever this year of 1 .

all session will  tell you past, Present Future, Life coaching on all areas of life.

My gifts has passed down for Decades , Where else in the world would you find a REAL-life Muse expect in Nashville , at the Parthenon Home of the Greek Gods, At Athena feet. lol  I also work at the parthenon . :)  Athena  is the largest statue in a building in the world. 54 feet tall.

Smart people have leverage , Investing in yourself is one smartest choices ever made.

Using my  personal Skills along with Tony Robbins !   it a experience you will never forgot in the most positive way.

Make 2017 the best. 2017 is a very special year ,In numerology  ITS YEAR ONE ,

. You can’t ask for a better year to make changes. Any thought we have we sow. “We reap what we sow”     “fact” Karma is real. Making for sure we are not on a lost path, seems very important being thats its year ONE !   Thanks to our Universal compass . The Stars and Sun &  moon. Yes this may sound a bit sci-fi,    There is a universal current that flows all through our planet, inside and out.  IN this energy ,  there are strong currents where no work is needed to evolve , just enjoy the ride and it happens.    We all want this ,Animals of all kind are on it.  Take a look at a flock of birds for example. Watch them Be in sync,  there flight is in sync.  So here I am to help. Your personal GPS  .  Tells  you:   your life from a new perspective . Gives a clear direction on where do you go from here.  Get to finally be happy ,

Out of 24 hours in a day, How much time do you give your self ? YOU DESEVE inner peace.

Here is what you will get out of a session.

  • Find a new solution to an OLD problem
  • Have a healthier, more positive mind set for the future
  • Discover what drives you and the motivation of others
  • Understand your self, Gain self control.

* Find your life Purpose 

* Find your personal legend

* Gain inner peace as well as peace for the mind,
* Discover your soul mate, correct a love problem.

Your Past Life could be playing a bigger part in your Present Life than what you think. Find out who your are to understand who you want to and should become.  


-  Are the predictions I receive set in stone?  No. Our Universal Gift is free will. People are free to change their minds at any time. (Example: I may say, "I see you traveling on Monday.” In response, you may get everything you need to travel, and then decide not to go.)

-  Will I burn in hell for participating in a session. ? No. Whether you receive a Palm, Tarot Card, Astrology Chart reading, etc.Spiritual session  in ANY form contain NO Religious Value. Readings are a form of Energy and Vibration. People have sought answers through spiritual forms throughout life..Astrology is a form of science, it always has been.

-  Are you a witch? YESEVERY FULL MOON. I fly on my broom and wear a pointy hat. 

(Just kidding, I'm making sure I have your attention.)

Having  awareness and tapping in to your Subconscious  will help allow you to make decisions based on logic and reason, NOT  emotion.

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