5th Generation Psychic

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“When I Stand before God at the End of my life,I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say , God I used Everything you gave me."
 Erma bombeck.

Psychic Jennifer Green

Life Is Made Up Of Problems,  Its All About How We Handle Them. Thats What Makes Us Feel Happy Or Not.

 We Learn This , As Early As School, They Give Us Problems to Solve, Puzzles To Put Together And so on.


My Name Is Jennifer Green, 5th Generation Psychic, Licensed Therapist & life coach, Very proud to say Google Sponsors me !  Im super Excited to share 2 new services . Personal Yoga Instructor.  And a personal Muse to help the Entertainers of all kind.  To get out of the Nothing is happing Phase, Personal and private for actors singer anyone that is or wants to be in entertainment.   


I hope the information your about to read gives you a better understanding on what to expect, and satisfies the  curiosity of your mind. I will Give Answers to some of the most popular questions on receiving a psychic reading 


-  Predictions I receive are carved in stone.   SO FALSE  our Universal Gift is free will. People Change Their Mind All The Time. “example I see you traveling on Monday” you may get everything you need to travel, Then say NO.

-  Will I burn in hell for Having A reading ?     SO FALSE   Whether it be Palms, Tarot Cards, Astrology ect. 

Psychic Readings in ANY form Contains NO Religious Value ! It’s a form of Energy and Vibration.

-  FACT -   Every Full MOON. I Fly on A broom and wear a pointy hat. - SO FALSE-  Im Just Kidding, Im Making for sure I Have Your Attention.  

Everyone has personal challenges they want to overcome. Whether its curiosity that brings you or a drive to change the outcome of a situation. Your session will leave you with a NEW OUTLOOK on life. Find a new Solution to an OLD problem, a Healthier Positive mind set for the future. Discover yourself and others, what drives them to do or say what they do ? Find out why you behave & think the way you do. Your Past Life can be playing a bigger part then what you think. Finding out what you was may just be what you’r looking for.  

-  FACT - People have been seeking answers from spiritual forms through out life.

 Getting a Reading - I will -------“Add in front of each sentence” 

- Gain an ultimate edge in life ! Thats such a advantage in the world we live in.

”its kinda like watching tomorrow weather forecast”  


- Take what I want and leave the rest.

- Find what should I Do In my Love Life.    

- Find my life purpose, discover what makes me happy and how to make it happen.

- Discover How I can have a better relationship with my lover, spouse, parent, child ect.

- Understand How to deal with a difficult person at work.

-  Call and Make an Appointment With a open Mind

-  Loose Nothing. we have FREE WILL :)

Therefore Being aware .Will help allow you to make decisions ,Base upon Logic &reason and NOT just Emotion.

 Master of the secret, Law of Attraction . Using my  natural born psychic gifts I specialize in various readings such as Palm, Tarot Card, Energy, Astrology Charts and many more. as well. If you are a Entertainer\Actor or wish to be. Then Today is your lucky day !  I specialize in helping entertainers find there Success, Reach the Fame. Get over Anxiety And so much more.  Whether you Play it. Sing it, Dance, Write,  or Model . Maybe Your the Talented Artist that yet to be discovered ,Or The one who finds Talent. I will tell you what direction to take and exactly how to handle it.Most of all Inspire you. My Grandmother was 100% Greek  because of this I come from a long line of professional  muse ,

My other Grandmother was Born and Raised on Trail of tears, thats another story,


Peace be with you ,

Blessings, Psychic Jennifer

Muse For Hire am happy to announce that I am expanding the services I offer to include Muse work.
What is a Muse? A Muse is a person that inspires you to move through your current blockages and break into new ground. As people experiencing life many times we get stuck in ruts and need a solid bump to get us out of the rut. That is what I do.
speacilizinhg my muse service for Entertainers\actors\musician\ect, Or the Ones Looking for it.
What to expect during a typical 25 minute session? I connect to a person on an energetic level while they explain how they feel stuck and how long and how it is manifesting in their mind and reality. During our session I will do some energetic shifting and verbal perspective shifting for you. I will also develop some simple exercises unique for your situation to help break you loose from your specific life rut.
Be sure to briefly (1-2 sentences) describe how you feel you are stuck when booking your time slot. By writing it down you start the process of unraveling the mental knot and also enable us both the ability to look at the specific area you would like to change.Schedule your appoint OR TEXT Jennifer Green At 615-944-9707 FOR A FREE QUESTION

Spiritual Detox Available.,  Blessings To Heal A Broken Heart. . Guidance To Find Your True Love With Spiritual Ancient Rituals. 

{   I follow the privacy ACT. ALL SESSION ARE PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL No Audio No Video or photos allowed. }
Peace of mind guaranteed:  Words of Wisdom:  The Worst Mistake In LIFE Is NOT TO EVEN TRY.