Nashville's Astrologer

  Universal therapy .

     Jennifer Green 

Im in love with someone,  Do they feel they same?  I can’t think of any new ideas for my music . Should I move ?  What are these odd dreams trying to tell me?  Whats my purpose in life.

 Today is your lucky day ! Your about to get answers to all these and more.


            Jennifer Green,

A 5th Generation Astrologer & Inspirational Muse

Life coach,  Extraordinaire 

 Being  a life coach Her entire her passion is to help people,

Wether it being for curiosity, Or needing to make a breakthrough in life. Just speaking to her, You feel this comforting positive energy, Having a  session will be one of the most enlightening experience ever,  She says its  like a mental massage.  Reconnecting  yourself , Revealing  the answers that has been keeping you up night,  Can you imagine how incredible it can feel to wake up happy and Go to sleep with peace of mind. We all can use some of that.

Her gifts has passed down for Decades , Where else in the world would you find a REAL-life Muse expect in Nashville , Home of the  Parthenon Home of the Greek Gods, Athena is the largest statue in a building in the world. 54 feet tall.

Smart people have leverage , Investing in yourself is one smartest choices ever made.

Using her personal Skills along with Tony Robbins it a experience you will never forgot in the most positive way.

Make 2017 the best. 2017 is a very special year ,In numerology it a  #1. You can’t ask for a better year to make changes for you.

Out of 24 hours in a day, How much time do you give your self.

Here is what you will get out of a session.

  • Find a new solution to an OLD problem
  • Have a healthier, more positive mind set for the future
  • Discover what drives you and the motivation of others
  • Figure out why you behave & think the way you do

* Find your life Purpose 

* Find your personal legend

Your Past Life could be playing a bigger part in your Present Life than what you think. Find out who your are to understand who you want to and should become.  


-  Are the predictions I receive set in stone?  No. Our Universal Gift is free will. People are free to change their minds at any time. (Example: I may say, "I see you traveling on Monday.” In response, you may get everything you need to travel, and then decide not to go.)

-  Will I burn in hell for participating in a reading? No. Whether you receive a Palm, Tarot Card, Astrology Chart reading, etc. Psychic Readings in ANY form contain NO Religious Value. Readings are a form of Energy and Vibration. People have sought answers through spiritual forms throughout life..Astrology is a form of science, it always has been.

-  Are you a witch? YESEVERY FULL MOON. I fly on my broom and wear a pointy hat. 

(Just kidding, I'm making sure I have your attention.)

Having  awareness and tapping in to your Subconscious  will help allow you to make decisions based on logic and reason, NOT  emotion.